It's time to rediscover the purpose of finance. Responsible investing provides a pathway that shifts the focus back to the needs of the consumer and embeds a broader social, environmental and ethical approach in the way we deliver financial products and services.

There is a widening disconnect between the work of the corporate and finance sectors and the expectations of the customers we serve. This gap can be bridged by going back to our core purpose, to deliver for our clients and customers, and for the finance sector to prove its contribution to building the prosperous society, economy and environment that Australians want.

As the region's largest responsible investing conference, this year's event will bring together the responsible investing community to explore that pathway and opportunities that responsible, ethical and impact investing brings. It will provide unique insights for rebuilding trust with consumers and forging partnerships that deliver for our clients' financial and personal goals.


Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
Convention Centre Place 1
South Wharf, Victoria, 澳大利亚

Clarendon Auditorium (Clarence Street Entrance)



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