Formal Iwi welcome
Conference begins
Matthew MimmsSimon O'Connor

Welcome and state of the market

  • Matthew Mimms (Managing Director, The Investment Store)

    Matthew Mimms

    Managing Director, The Investment Store
  • Simon O

    Simon O'Connor

    CEO, Responsible Investment Association Australasia
Listed Company Briefing
Martin Hunter

An insight into the role of ESG in their strategy and purpose, and a broader insight into the role of insurance in delivering a sustainable finance sector.

  • Martin Hunter (Chief Risk Officer, IAG NZ)

    Martin Hunter

    Chief Risk Officer, IAG NZ
Launch of New Zealand Consumer Research – what do Kiwi’s expect from the way their savings and investments are managed?
Nicolette BoeleBarry CoatesVinnie Wadhera

Jointly presented by RIAA and Mindful Money presenting research undertaken by Colmar Brunton
Followed by an investor viewpoint – how consumer research is useful for investors – by BetaShares

  • Nicolette Boele (Executive Manager Policy, Research & Certification, Responsible Investment Association Australasia)

    Nicolette Boele

    Executive Manager Policy, Research & Certification, Responsible Investment Association Australasia
  • Barry Coates (Founder and CEO, Mindful Money)

    Barry Coates

    Founder and CEO, Mindful Money
  • Vinnie Wadhera (Executive Director – Institutional & Adviser Business, Betashares)

    Vinnie Wadhera

    Executive Director – Institutional & Adviser Business, Betashares
Morning Tea
Intergenerational investing and governance – a Maori perspective
Tama PotakaRobert Joseph

Insights into Maori governance and intergenerational perspectives from Iwi, including how this influences long term investing perspectives.

  • Tama Potaka (Senior Advisor, NZ Superfund)

    Tama Potaka

    Senior Advisor, NZ Superfund
  • Robert Joseph (Waikato University)

    Robert Joseph

    Waikato University
Investor responses to a changing climate
Kristen Le MesurierSimon O'GradyCatalina SecreteanuSam StubbsSlade Robertson

Regulation is moving ahead rapidly to shift NZ towards a low carbon economy. Investors are stepping up as active owners to ensure capital is aligned to support this transition with the full tool kit available to responsible investors. How are investors using this full suite of responsible investing tools?

  • Kristen Le Mesurier (Portfolio manager, AMP Capital Investors Limited)

    Kristen Le Mesurier

    Portfolio manager, AMP Capital Investors Limited
  • Simon O

    Simon O'Grady

    Chief Investment Officer, KiwiWealth
  • Catalina Secreteanu (Managing Director APAC, Sustainalytics)

    Catalina Secreteanu

    Managing Director APAC, Sustainalytics
  • Sam Stubbs (Managing Director, Simplicity NZ Ltd)

    Sam Stubbs

    Managing Director, Simplicity NZ Ltd
  • Slade Robertson (Managing Director, Devon Funds Management Limited)

    Slade Robertson

    Managing Director, Devon Funds Management Limited
Leading ESG Research Panel
Nina HayslerKathryn McDonaldRebecca ThomasMichael Salvatico

What are the ESG trends to watch? ESG insights to better inform our investments.

  • Nina Haysler (Research Project Manager, CAER - Corporate Analysis. Enhanced Responsibility)

    Nina Haysler

    Research Project Manager, CAER - Corporate Analysis. Enhanced Responsibility
  • Kathryn McDonald (Head of Sustainable Investing, Rosenberg Equities)

    Kathryn McDonald

    Head of Sustainable Investing, Rosenberg Equities
  • Rebecca Thomas (CEO, Mint Asset Management)

    Rebecca Thomas

    CEO, Mint Asset Management
  • Michael Salvatico (ESG Research Client Coverage, MSCI ESG Research (Australia) Pty Limited)

    Michael Salvatico

    ESG Research Client Coverage, MSCI ESG Research (Australia) Pty Limited
The Policy landscape for NZ Responsible Investors
John BerryPaul RichardsonRobert SloanErica Miles

An update on the latest policy developments of relevance to responsible investment

  • John Berry (CEO, Pathfinder Asset Management)

    John Berry

    CEO, Pathfinder Asset Management
  • Paul Richardson (Chair of NZ Corporate Governance Forum)

    Paul Richardson

    Chair of NZ Corporate Governance Forum
  • Robert Sloan (Head of Disclosure, Capital Markets, Financial Markets Authority)

    Robert Sloan

    Head of Disclosure, Capital Markets, Financial Markets Authority
  • Erica Miles (Director, KPMG New Zealand)

    Erica Miles

    Director, KPMG New Zealand
Afternoon Tea
RI in Private Markets
Nicolette BoeleJon CollingeAndrew FrankhamRoy Thompson

Plenary - RI in Private Markets
A look at ESG in private markets investments – what approaches are being used across different assets to consider ESG risks and opportunities – good practice, tools and case studies.

  • Nicolette Boele (Executive Manager Policy, Research & Certification, Responsible Investment Association Australasia)

    Nicolette Boele

    Executive Manager Policy, Research & Certification, Responsible Investment Association Australasia
  • Jon Collinge (Sustainability Director, H.R.L. Morrison & Co Limited)

    Jon Collinge

    Sustainability Director, H.R.L. Morrison & Co Limited
  • Andrew Frankham (Direct Capital)

    Andrew Frankham

    Direct Capital
  • Roy Thompson (Managing Director, New Ground Capital Limited)

    Roy Thompson

    Managing Director, New Ground Capital Limited
Impact Investment in NZ
Alastair RhodesDavid WoodsIyanthi Wijayanayake

The state of play – presented in conjunction with the Impact Investment National Advisory Board (II NAB)
Impact investing has been estimated to have potential of attracting $5 bill of investment – where is this likely to emerge from and what are the investment opportunities?

  • Alastair Rhodes (Chief Executive, BayTrust)

    Alastair Rhodes

    Chief Executive, BayTrust
  • David Woods (Chairman, Impact Enterprise Fund)

    David Woods

    Chairman, Impact Enterprise Fund
  • Iyanthi Wijayanayake (Director, Giving Architects Ltd)

    Iyanthi Wijayanayake

    Director, Giving Architects Ltd
Listed Company CEO Address
Fraser Whineray

Mercury NZ Limited ESG Story

  • Fraser Whineray (Chief Executive, Mercury NZ Limited)

    Fraser Whineray

    Chief Executive, Mercury NZ Limited
Keynote address
Elizabeth Yeaman

Keynote address: Reshaping NZ's transport system - the future for electric vehicles

  • Elizabeth Yeaman (Managing Director, Retyna)

    Elizabeth Yeaman

    Managing Director, Retyna
Conference Wrap Up
Matthew MimmsSimon O'Connor
  • Matthew Mimms (Managing Director, The Investment Store)

    Matthew Mimms

    Managing Director, The Investment Store

    Matthew Mimms is the Managing Director and Founder of the Investment Store. Matthew has 28 years experience in the investment management and financial services industry both in New Zealand and the UK. Prior to establishing the Investment Store, he was Head of Retail Sales and Service at BT Funds Management.

    He has held a number of senior distribution positions and was the Chair of the Auckland branch of the Financial Planners and Insurance Advisers Association from 2000 to 2002.

    In 2006, Matthew established The Investment Store, a specialist 3rd party distribution firm that aims to assist boutique and specialist managers to market their capabilities to professional intermediaries in NZ.

    In 2010, Matthew was integrally involved in the NZ Responsible Investment Briefing, an annual industry conference aimed at championing the responsible investment movement amongst industry participants in NZ. In addition, Matthew is co-founder of Perfecting Investment Portfolios, a thought leadership conference for professional financial intermediaries. Both events are now regular features in the industry calendar.

    He has a business degree from Sheffield University in England and a Diploma in Business Studies (personal financial planning) from Massey University.

  • Simon O

    Simon O'Connor

    CEO, Responsible Investment Association Australasia

    Simon operates at the intersection of economics, finance and sustainability and has extensive international experience as an economic adviser, investment analyst and sustainability consultant across finance, corporate and not for profit sectors.
    Simon is the CEO of RIAA - an organisation with 200+ investor members who jointly manage over $9 trillion - where he has worked for the past 5 years to elevate sustainability issues as core investment risks and opportunities, and shift capital to support a more sustainable, equitable and prosperous world.
    Simon is involved in a number of external committees and advisory groups including the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance, the New Zealand National Advisory Board on Impact Investing and the UN backed Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) Australia Network Advisory Committee.

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