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Formal Iwi Welcome
Opening Address

Welcome to the conference and state of the market in New Zealand

CEO Briefing

An NZX Listed CEO on their approach to ESG

Launch of Consumer Research

Launch of Consumer Research – and update of research on what Kiwi’s want from their investments.

Morning Tea
Intergenerational investing and governance – a Maori perspective
Investor responses to a changing climate

Regulation is moving ahead rapidly to shift NZ towards a low carbon economy, with momentum matched in many other parts of the world. Investors are stepping up as active owners to ensure capital is aligned to support this transition. This session will explore the variety of approaches taken by investors to support the delivery of the low carbon economy – from divestment to engagement - and avoid the risks inherent in a transition away from a high carbon world.

Leading ESG Research

What are the ESG trends to watch: insights from leading brokers and researchers

The Policy landscape for NZ Responsible Investors

An update on Code Review, [KiwiFund Bill], NZX listing rules, Green Investment Fund, Productivity Commission, and any other regulatory developments

Impact Investment in NZ

The state of play – presented in conjunction with the Impact Investment National Advisory Board

Afternoon Tea
Keynote AddressTBA
Conference Wrap Up
Networking Drinks and Canapes