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Responsible investment continues to cement itself as the standard of leading investment practice in NZ, with an ever increasing uptake by a cross-section of both investors and consumers.

With $131bn being invested under responsible investment strategies, the investment industry is responding to both the rising interest of everyday New Zealanders, an acceptance that ESG and ethical issues are critical components of good investment practice and the rising focus on responsible investment within regulation.

This significant shift in New Zealand is reflective of a trend seen around the globe whereby finance is refocusing on its role to provide capital to shape the future economy, society and environment that will deliver a world whereby we can all prosper.

The Responsible Investment Association Australasia is once again holdings its annual responsible investment conference in Auckland on the 18th September and tickets are now on sale.

This annual conference provides the topical and educational information on key themes and issues surrounding responsible investing for the investor community, and has sold out every year for the past three years.


Hilton Auckland
Quay Street 147
Auckland, Новая Зеландия

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