Date: 14 July 2020

Time: 3.30pm-4.30pm AEST

Platform: Zoom Webinar


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COVID-19 represents the greatest disruption of our times, and will continue to test us all, including the responsible investment and sustainable finance sector.

The pandemic has put a focus on so many elements of what our sector has long been practicing – a formal consideration of ESG risks, analyzing systemic linkages that impact across markets, economies and societies, how long term societal and environmental issues will change the context we're investing in, as well as consideration of the very values and expectations of the public.

This pandemic has revealed insights across all of these areas and presents us with important lessons for how we proceed from here into the recovery, as well as a massive test of how all our theories and practices have held up. The recovery will test our conviction and abilities to shift capital towards sustainable assets and companies to rebuild a stronger more resilient future.

RIAA have articulated key areas of focus for responsible investors and sustainable finance in a recent blog post – read here.

In essence, it's times like these that test whether we are delivering on the promise of responsible investment. How we respond and our role navigating the coming months will determine how we are perceived long after the pandemic. In short, are we delivering responsible investment and sustainable finance in a manner that aligns capital with achieving a healthy and sustainable society, environment and economy?

RI in times of COVID series:

RIAA will be hosting a Member-only webinar series, RI in times of COVID, to draw out these lessons, to share the best practices, research and insights, to focus on the most pertinent issues, to inform and shape the future for responsible investment and sustainable finance.

This series will draw on expertise from our member base and beyond, to unpack the lessons and to shape an effective response, through forums that will also allow for discussion and input from all member participants.

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How are responsible investors responding to the pandemic including focus areas for company engagement?

The RI in Times of COVID series will cover topics including:

  • 18 June - How are responsible investors responding to pandemic including the focus areas for company engagements?
  • 1 July - What will the future look like? Investing for a post COVID world – the opportunities and changes in our economy and industry sectors
  • 14 July - Building it back better – the principles that should guide the COVID recovery and what will change for responsible investors?
  • Investing in resilience and recovery – where do we need to direct capital to build resilience and sustainability in a post-COVID world?

These sessions will draw on expertise from our members and beyond – we want to hear from you if you have specialist knowledge, research or insights that could contribute to these sessions, or if there are other topics we should unpack?

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